Automate your Facebook Page Posts

Following up on my earlier tutorial on how to automate your tweets –  here is one on automating your Facebook posts.

While we do know that social media is about interaction and engagement, auto feeds still have their place. They are not a replacement for posting personally on your Facebook page but they are is a great way to supplement your posts with real time information from your website.

Step 1 – Install RSS Graffiti  App.

Visit RSS Graffiti App and then click on [Go to App]


Step 2 – Give RSS Graffiti  permissions to your wall, to insights or

your page(s)

For my Graffiti autofeed I just gave permissions to my pages via  “Manage your pages”

Step 3 – Create a Publishing Plan

You need a publishing plan for each source/target combination. The image below illustrates the different type of publishing plan combinations you can have:

In the example below, I name the publishing plan after the target wall the RSS feed will be posted to:

Step 4 – Choose a Source

This source is a RSS feed.  In this example I am using the feed from my blog. You can use a facebook RSS feed (although that would kinda be redundant!), your twitter feed a blog feed or any others you create from your original website content.

Step 5 – Customize the Source

From this form you can customize details about how your feed is posted. I LOVE that RSS Graffiti has the option to post updates as soon as they are available. Most feeds check only every 30 minutes.  The Update Frequency options range from “as soon as possible” to “once  a day”.

Step 6 – Choose a Target

A target is your wall or one of your Facebook pages.

Step 7 – Save the Publishing Plan

You may repeat steps 3 through 7 as often as needed.



Edit your Facebook Comments

Love it! We are now able to edit comments in Facebook…Previously we could only do this if we caught our mistake 30 seconds after posting…

See the pencil at the upper right hand corner of your comment.

Click on the pencil to see your options.

Click in edit to open up the text box and update your post!

2nd Look at the iPhone Facebook Pages App


Facebook pages app icon

Last month we examined the Facebook Pages App for the iPhone as soon as it came out.   This week we check out the latest features in the app.

There are now three additional options available in the app – messages, photos and settings.  Upon closer examination messages is the only change worth speaking of.



This is a handy new feature.  Previously there was no way to know that you had messages from the iPhone app.   Now you have the ability to see and respond to messages right at your fingertips. Being able to communicate to your existing and potentially new customers promptly is always a good thing!


We can view our photo albums from the new release of the app but we are not able to manipulate them.  One small step in the right direction.


Settings allows us to turn notifications or off.  This was available previously but in a different location.  So no additional functionality here – but it putting it on the menu makes sense…it is a bit of a tease to see a new menu item with only one option.

Well, I can scratch one item off my  iPhone Facebook App wish listMessages and insights are the most useful tools in this app.  I hope to see more features added in the near future!


Automating your Twitter Feeds

The rule of thumb in social media is to keep the personal touch – your followers and fans want to know that there is a person behind the status updates.  Still there is a place for automated twitter feeds – I use them in some of the accounts I manage.  This is not a replacement to the personal tweets, retweets and replies that I post throughout the day.

That being said I am sharing the tools I use for Twitter – one is for scheduled tweets, the other two are used for automated feeds.


HootSuite has many features, many of which I have not even begun to explore. For this article I am focusing on their scheduler.  Nightly I plan out my tweets for the next day scheduling them to go out during my followers’ peak twitter times.  For new articles or posts I plan several unique tweets with links back to the article at least one per day (at different times of day) for a week.

From the Tweet text box, click on the calendar icon to bring up this scheduling form. Then type in your tweet and choose a date and time.

Schedule your Tweets using HootSuite

To view your scheduled tweets click on the arrow icon on the left hand side, choose Publisher and Scheduled from the menu.

HootSuite Publisher

Twitter Feed

This is a nice tool for automating your tweets from an RSS feed.  One of the Twitter accounts I manage receives updates on the main site throughout the day – it is not feasible for a human to track these and post manuallyy. This is where the automated feed comes in handy.   We use TwitterFeed to send them to twitter every 30 minutes (the shortest interval).

Create a Feed in Twitter Feed

With Twitter Feed I can customize my feeds by choosing which content to include, what link shortener to use and options for the prefix and suffix.  The suffix option is great for adding a twitter hash tag. The keyword filter helps you customize your tweets even further.

Another great tool for auto-tweeting your RSS feed to Twitter.  DLVR.IT has many of the same features as TwitterFeed with the added bonus of being able to replace words or phrases. I use it switch to hashtags or @ mentions.

Interval. updates can be scheduled to post every 15 minutes (TwitterFeed’s smallest interval is 30 minutes).

Max posts. You can set the upper limit of the amount of posts that can be posted at each interval or per day.



Editing your Facebook Status

Have you noticed the buttons on the upper right of your pages status text box?  Here is a quick view of what you can now do with your posts.


Try clicking on the “highlight” / star button on the post.

This will expand your post across both columns on your timeline.  That should call attention!


Edit or Remove

Click on the edit or remove icon to show the menu options for your status.

Pin to Top – keeps your post at the top of  your timeline.

Change Date – Reschedule this post to a different date (see Schedule your Posts on Facebook )

Resposition Photo – Shift the photo within the window so you can display the most important part of the photo.

Hide from Page – I only use this one if I can’t delete it 😉

Delete  – remove the post from the page.

Report/Mark as Spam – You may want to this this with spam posts from fans.

Schedule your Posts on Facebook


When I initially saw the little clock that appears and the left lower corner of  my page’s status box,  I thought it was another annoying timeline event tool.  Little did I realize that it was a gem a feature for scheduling your posts! Thank goodness I finally decided to click on that little sucker.

Have you used this yet? It is terrific for scheduling posts minutes, days or hours in advance.  Here’s a quick how to…

Create your Post

Create your post as you usually would (see Customizing Links on Your Facebook page)  – but do not click on the post button. Instead, click on the little clock on the lower left hand corner of the status box.

Choose a Date

After you click on the clock, you are prompted to select a year.  After you select the year you will be prompted to choose, month, day, hour and then minute.

Schedule your Post

After you choose the date, the post button becomes a schedule button. Click on this to schedule your post. Your status will disappear from view.

View your Scheduled Posts

You can view your scheduled posts by clicking on Edit Page on the admin panel then choosing Use Activity Log from the menu.

Activity Log/Scheduled Posts

See all the posts scheduled to go out in the future.  Notice the arrow in the upper right hand corner of each post in the log.

Activity Log Options

Click on the arrow to check out your options for editing a scheduled post.  If you change your mind, fix your post here!

Plan your day, schedule your posts minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance!



How to Create a Twitter List

Kim Garst’s tip below inspired me to create this tutorial.

Use Twitter lists to create a group of people who tweet the best content and and then retweet their best content 

How to Create a Twitter List

Visit twitter and click on the tweets link. 

On the left hand side of your profile page, click on the Lists link.

On the right hand side, click on the Create list button and fill in the form that pops up.

Next find people/profiles to add to your lists.

Click on the button to the  right of the profile description and choose the add or remove from lists option.

Choose a list to add them to.

After you’ve created your lists you can visit them here

See a list of your lists – click on name of the list to see those tweets!



LinkedIn Stolen Passwords


LinkedIn confirmed yesterday that millions of stolen passwords were posted online.  While the affected customers were notified by LinkedIn it is best to change your password there as soon as possible.

Recommendations for passwords:

  • Use a separate password for each account you have – paying particular attention to email, banking sites and social networking sites.
  • Do not write down passwords.
  • Use strong passwords – this includes a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. (This is tricky since some sites do not accept certain symbols).
  • Do not share your passwords with others.
  • Choose passwords that are not related to family member names or special dates or other documented personal information.


 Related articles:  CNET: LinkedIn updates apps in response to privacy concerns

Facebook Promote Button to Market to my Fans?


Page owners have started noticing that there is less and less engagement on their posted statuses.  At the same time they see the Promote button under their status box.  Could it be that Facebook is wants you to pay to promote to  your own fans?

As I Facebook user, I find it incredibly frustrating that only  selected updates from my favorite pages show on my news feed.  I expect and want to see all updates. On the other side of the coin, page owners also feel cheated – they worked hard building a strong fan bases of thousands only to have Facebook pull the rug from under them.

The promote button is a great option for expanding your audience.  Social Fresh covers the topic here – Facebook Launches Promoted Posts, Pay As Little As $5 For More Fans To See Page Content.   Still you want to make sure your fans still see all of your updates.

Now is the time to ensure that your fans all that you mean for them to see. Lists are a great way to do this…. Let your fans know how to create lists of your favorite pages.






Facebook Lists for Pages


By now most of us have created lists for friends but have you taken advantage of lists for pages? Here we go through the steps of creating lists for favorite pages.  As Facebook starts controlling which status updates you see on your newsfeed, this is a great way to ensure you do not miss any of the updates you wish to see.

Create a List

Create a list by starting off at a business page, clicking on the like button and then on the new list option.

Add to your List

In the next page you will be prompted to add other pages to your list. You can go through the menu on the left side to find categories to choose from.  I prefer to add the pages individually from the like button.

Name your List

On the next page you provide the list name. You can also select if your list is public, view-able by friends or private.  When you are finished click on  done to create the list.

Add Another Page to your List

The next time you like a page you will see your list in the menu. You can like a page and add it to a list at the same time!

View Your Lists

Your lists will appear on the lower left hand side of the Facebook page under the Interests heading.  Click on the list name to view the latest status updates from your favorite business pages.

Page Status Updates

Here is the view of my Social Media list. This is a great way to view status updates for my selected social media pages.  This feature is great!




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