Facebook Pages App for the iPhone

Facebook pages app icon

Facebook pages app icon


Facebook just launched the Facebook Pages for the iPhone. This is a little app which is allows you to manage your pages.  It is a nice, easy to use app which has the already familiar interface of the iPhone app making it easier to manage your multiple business pages.

I mean it when I say “little”. Is it worth taking up the extra space on your iPhone? Let’s go through the features and decide.

Facebook Pages App - Pages

Business Pages


Insights and Admin

Unlike the Facebook app, this app allows you view your stats , which can be done by selecting the Insights option. The view is limited to what is displayed below.  You are not able to view more details.  It also allows you view (but not manage) your Admin, those who can also have access to manage your page. 

Insights on the Facebook Pages App

Reach and Talking about this

One nice little piece of information that the app provides is the stats of a particular post.  See the number reached and talking about this shown just under the Likes and Comments below the post.  These stats were available on the Facebook web application but were removed months ago. If only they would bring ig back online too!

View from the Facebook Page App


For more detailed stats on a specific post, click on the reached/talking about this line.

Click on the reached/talking about this line

Nice details for a single post:

Detailed Stats


The page level notifications is a nice perk of this app. It is handy to be able see who your new fans are and also to be able to see when a fan posts on your page.

Page Notifications


Filter is a new feature in the iPhone app. Click on this and select which wall posts you wish to view.  Cute little feature if you have a very busy business page but not too exciting.

Filter on the Facebook Pages App

Share Photo

As with the regular Facebook app you can share photo on your business page.

Adding a photo using the Facebook Pages App

You can add comments with your photo post as well.

New Post on Facebook Pages App

My Wish List

That is the 50 cent tour of the Facebook Pages for iPhone. Droid users and those out of the US (and UK) are up in arms because they do not have this app available to them. So maybe I should be glad I have this “little” app?

Here is my wish list on what features I’d like added…

  • messenger for pages – the ability to view and reply to business page messages
  • manage my administrators
  • view more detailed stats on my page
  • to Use Facebook As and post on other pages
  • to Tag my Page and post on other pages
  • customize the links and related images on new posts
  • ability to like other business pages

Facebook has a long way to go to making this a real robust app. But I guess it is a start….What do you think?

Update: 2nd Look at the iPhone Facebook Pages App (June 2012)

They recycled your deleted email account? Oh the risks!

Over the years in this digital world your email address has become more than just a way to contact you. It’s become your unique identifier…your key to all other accounts. When you lose an account password, most likely you can reset your password by having a link sent to you via email. More often than not, your email address is your user id on most web sites. As a result, you need to guard your email account information because if it is hacked, the culprit has the power to access all accounts linked to it.

Not only do you have to guard your email address during it’s existence, you need to be careful about deleting it too- especially if you have accounts still linked to it.

Isn’t it scary then, that some of the most popular online email services recycle email addresses??? It’s true.

Here is what I found out about various email accounts:

Yahoo – allows an email address to be recycled in less than 6 months after it’s deleted. Here is their warning when you attempt to delete an email address:

In most cases your account will be deactivated and then deleted from our user registration database in approximately 90 days. This delay is necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity. Additionally, due to the limited number of names available, we may allow other users to sign up for and use your current Yahoo! ID and profile names after your account has been deleted.

Is 90 days long enough to discourage fraudulent activity??

Hotmail – recycles emails after one year.

Additionally – Hotmail may delete your account without your consent…?

This forum post from 2009 states the following:

Your Windows Live Hotmail account will be marked as inactive if you do not access it for more than 270 days. It may be permanently deleted if it remains inactive for an additional 90 days. To learn more about this, please check out a Solution Article created by MSFT Roopa S “How to close your Hotmail account”. Here is the article.  this how to article.

Another post from 2009:
Yes, accounts that have been purged are allowed to be created or use by new users at some future time.  Also, when your contacts reply to previous messages the new owner of the account will see the old email string between you and the sender.  To avoid this inform all your contacts first that you will no longer use your account before you decide to cancel or allow it to become inactive.
I have not been able to find anything more recent that indicates that Hotmail’s policy has changed.
Instances where recycled hotmail accounts have caused problems:

Gmail – Good news- Gmail does not reuse their email addresses!

Here is the message they display when you attempt to delete a gmail account:

If you delete Gmail from your Google Account, then you will no longer be able to send, receive, or access email from your account using Gmail. You’ll also be unable to reuse your Gmail username in the future.

If you are thinking of deleting an unwanted email address,  take care. It’s best to do a slow transition to a new email address, ensuring that all of your online accounts are linked to the new address. Keep the old email account open for at least a year after you’ve transferred accounts to make sure you haven’t missed any important accounts with online stores or banks.  Or better yet, don’t delete it at all…


Revised April 20, 2012, May 29, 2012.


How to Tag your Facebook Business Page

By now you’ve mastered the art of tagging your friends on Facebook so they get notified on your posts.  Are you using this same feature for your business page?  Tagging makes it easier for others to link back to your page.  When Facebook users are visiting from the phone or tablet – tagged links are far easier to use because Facebook apps support them better than a URL.

Be sure to take advantage of this feature!   

How to Tag your Facebook Business Page

The @ Symbol

On the status or comment box type the @ symbol and the first few letters of your business page name. You should see a list of business pages you have “liked”.

Create your Link

Once you see your business listed below the status/comments text box (see image above), select your business name and finish typing your message.  Submit your comment to the box and then observe as your business name becomes a clickable link.

Hover Mode!

Here is a cute feature – when someone hovers over you link, a small info window pops up displaying info about your business page.  If  they want, they can “like” your page without visiting it.  This is great when you take part in silent tagging for your business.

Tagging Hover Mode


Stop typing out your business URL on Facebook.  Tag it! 


Twitter chats with TweetChat

Taking part in Twitter chats and parties is a great way to learn about your favorite topic.  TweetChat.com is one great tool to use for this.

To take part in a twitter chat or twitter party you need to know the hashtag or twitter keyword. In this example we are using the #SMOChat (Social Media Optimization) hash tag.

TwitterChat makes taking part in following chats very easy by 1) tracking a particular hashtag and 2) adding that hashtag to all of your responses.

Here is our step by step in getting started on TweetChat.com.

Hashtags in TweetChat

Type www.tweetchat.com in your browser and type the hashtag / twitter keyword.

TweetChat - hashtag


View the chat

After typing in the keyword, click on the “Go” button. View the tweets that use that hashtag. You can see the chat!

View the Chat!

Join the Chat

Now it is time to join the chat – Click on the “Sign In”  button , type in your id and password and click on “Authorize app” to allow TweetChat to access your twitter account.

Tweetchat sign in


Type a Message

You can respond to a message or add a new one.  Type on the box at the top of the screen.

TweetChat - Post to the Chat

Post your message

Click on the “update” button to post your message. Notice that it automatically ads the hashtag.  Such a nice feature since the hashtag is easy to forget when you are replying.

TweetChat - Post it

Adjust the Speed

Click on the “Refresh Speed” to expose the speed bar so you can adjust the speed of the screen refresh.

Tweetchat - Adjust


Find a chat, join a chat! Enjoy!


Customizing Links on Your Facebook page


Adding links to blog posts and articles is relatively easy but in this step by step, here are some little tips to customizing and fine tuning them to make them more eye catching and informative.

Click on the status text box

Status Text Box

Paste or type the article link in the status text box – an article image, the title and description should appear below the text box.

Status Link

If there are multiple images in the article – you will be able to choose which one to display. Click on the arrows to scroll through them and choose one. You can click on the “No Thumbnail” check box if you wish – For visual appeal it is best to include an image.

Status Image

A little known feature is the ability to change the description – click on the article text get into “edit” mode. Change the text as desired.

Status Description

You can customize the title too! Click on the title to make it editable and change the text as desired.

Finally, add a message and select the “Post” button.

Status Message


Status Final


Pinterest is Gaining on other Social Media

In Shareaholic’s most recent traffic referral report one interesting thing to note is that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than more established sites such as YouTube and LinkedIn – It is giving Google Plus a run for its money as well.

If you haven’t already created an account in  Pinterest, you might want to consider doing so today.  Check out our recent article Make Pinterest Work for your Business.

For more analysis on this report visit Shareaholic.

Shareaholic Traffic Share Report

Shareaholic Traffic Share Report

Facebook Username – Quick Tip

Have you created a user name for your facebook page? Do you have a nice short URL like “www.facebook.com/buzzwebtips”? If not, create one today. When choosing name  – it should be short and easy to remember.  You may want to match it up with the your domain name.  Be sure to include it on your business cards, phamplet, signature in your emails and any other business literature you have.

For more information check out Facebook’s username FAQ.





Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Pinterest is a fast growing social media site… but unlike others, its content is solely pictures.  I like to think of it as a virtual pin-up board or a visual bookmarking site. Pinterest provides fun way of  bookmarking your favorite ideas, items or articles. From Pinterest you can follow friends or strangers who share your interests. Pinterest

As a business owner you want to take advantage of this social media by having Pinterest users pin items from your website.

Create a Pinterest Account

Pinterest promotes community by remaining invitation only. So the first step is to ask a friend to invite you. If you don’t know anyone who uses Pinterest,  don’t worry… you can request an invite.  Invitations from friends are sent immediately but requests to be invited can take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Build Interesting Boards  

Within Pinterest you can categorize your “pinned” items on separate bulletin boards. Be sure to separate your ideas and pins into categories that make sense.

One temptation for business owners is to self promote all of your products or blog articles but there are many reasons to be careful with this tactic. First of all Pinterest encourages sharing of ideas and information but it discourages pure self promotion. This is stated in their etiquette page.  Secondly, your follower will lost interest if your products or articles are all you share. Definitely show off your items or articles on Pinterest, but also be sure to create boards to share links to other items (movies, books, ideas, items)  that you like.  Feel free to create boards to share information that your followers and visitors will love.

Invite your visitors to follow you in Pinterest

Pinterest does a great job of  encouraging others to follow you … They will show your Pins to others who might find your items interesting. Still you want to make sure your customers and visitors are following you. Be sure to their buttons to to your site to encourage your visitors to follow your Pinterest boards.  Of course use your other social media pages as well – Invite your fans, followers and friends from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc to join you on Pinterest.

Add the Pinterest links to your Website

While you want your Pinterest friends to repin your items, you also want to tap in to visitors, customers and members of your website. Invite them to Pin something from your site using Pinterest buttons thereby adding links to your items to their boards. Encourage this by adding this button on each page of your site.


Get to Know your Followers

The best way to make your boards interesting to  your followers to to follow them back and learn what they like. This way you will find out what interests you share with them, you can re-pin their pins,  post comments or create new pins that others like. Understanding your followers will give you insight for tailoring your products or articles to your customers and audience.

Also, visit your own boards and read the comments from your followers and observe which items were repinned. Again this  will tell you what appeals to the most to your visitors.

So – have fun. Join, share and Pin.. Be careful because you will get hooked!


iMessage for the iPhone

Move over Blackberrry Messenger, iPhone has iMessage… Very slick! It works on the iPad (1 and 2) and Touch (3rd and 4th gen) as well…

For iPhone users you can send “texts” and “multi-media” messages to fellow iPhone / iPad / Touch pals for free.  Nice little perk if you are concerned about text message charges.

Here are some good tutorials on C-Net to check out:

How to install iOS 5 – you need to install iOS 5 before trying iMessage…Set aside 20 minutes to 2 hours to do this…

FAQ: What’s iMessage and how does it work?

How to get started with iMessage


Reviews on your Facebook page. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you are in the business of selling products or services be sure to add the reviews app to your facebook page. This can be done in three easy steps:

The Facebook Reviews Application

Facebook Reviews
Facebook Reviews

 Finding this application is a bit tricky. A search of “facebook reviews” brings back a long list of apps. I find this facebook review app to be the most popular.



Step 1. Go to the Facebook Reviews App

Using the following link visit the facebook reviews application and find the Add to My Page link in the left hand side of the page.

Facebook Reviews App

Facebook Reviews App


Step 2. Select your Page

If you have multiple bsiness pages you will be given a choice. After clicking on the selected button, close the window.

Add to Page

Add to Page


Step 3. Find the Reviews on your Business Page

Find the reviews tab is on the left hand side of your business page. Easy!

Find the Reviews Tab

Find the Reviews Tab

Note that you will not be able to post reviews on your own page but be sure to invite your customers to quickly fill it!

Facebook Reviews Sample

Facebook Reviews Sample

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