Following up on my earlier tutorial on how to automate your tweets –  here is one on automating your Facebook posts.

While we do know that social media is about interaction and engagement, auto feeds still have their place. They are not a replacement for posting personally on your Facebook page but they are is a great way to supplement your posts with real time information from your website.

Step 1 – Install RSS Graffiti  App.

Visit RSS Graffiti App and then click on [Go to App]


Step 2 – Give RSS Graffiti  permissions to your wall, to insights or

your page(s)

For my Graffiti autofeed I just gave permissions to my pages via  “Manage your pages”

Step 3 – Create a Publishing Plan

You need a publishing plan for each source/target combination. The image below illustrates the different type of publishing plan combinations you can have:

In the example below, I name the publishing plan after the target wall the RSS feed will be posted to:

Step 4 – Choose a Source

This source is a RSS feed.  In this example I am using the feed from my blog. You can use a facebook RSS feed (although that would kinda be redundant!), your twitter feed a blog feed or any others you create from your original website content.

Step 5 – Customize the Source

From this form you can customize details about how your feed is posted. I LOVE that RSS Graffiti has the option to post updates as soon as they are available. Most feeds check only every 30 minutes.  The Update Frequency options range from “as soon as possible” to “once  a day”.

Step 6 – Choose a Target

A target is your wall or one of your Facebook pages.

Step 7 – Save the Publishing Plan

You may repeat steps 3 through 7 as often as needed.