Edit your Facebook Comments

Love it! We are now able to edit comments in Facebook…Previously we could only do this if we caught our mistake 30 seconds after posting… See the pencil at the upper right hand corner of your comment. Click on the pencil to see your options. Click in edit to open up the text box and […]

Editing your Facebook Status

Have you noticed the buttons on the upper right of your pages status text box?  Here is a quick view of what you can now do with your posts. Highlight Try clicking on the “highlight” / star button on the post. This will expand your post across both columns on your timeline.  That should call […]

LinkedIn Stolen Passwords

  LinkedIn confirmed yesterday that millions of stolen passwords were posted online.  While the affected customers were notified by LinkedIn it is best to change your password there as soon as possible. Recommendations for passwords: Use a separate password for each account you have – paying particular attention to email, banking sites and social networking […]

How to Tag your Facebook Business Page

By now you’ve mastered the art of tagging your friends on Facebook so they get notified on your posts.  Are you using this same feature for your business page?  Tagging makes it easier for others to link back to your page.  When Facebook users are visiting from the phone or tablet – tagged links are […]

Customizing Links on Your Facebook page

  Adding links to blog posts and articles is relatively easy but in this step by step, here are some little tips to customizing and fine tuning them to make them more eye catching and informative. Click on the status text box Paste or type the article link in the status text box – an […]

Facebook Username – Quick Tip

Have you created a user name for your facebook page? Do you have a nice short URL like “www.facebook.com/buzzwebtips”? If not, create one today. When choosing name  – it should be short and easy to remember.  You may want to match it up with the your domain name.  Be sure to include it on your business […]

Reviews on your Facebook page. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you are in the business of selling products or services be sure to add the reviews app to your facebook page. This can be done in three easy steps: The Facebook Reviews Application Facebook Reviews  Finding this application is a bit tricky. A search of “facebook reviews” brings back a long list of apps. […]

Twitter Follower Limit

Did you know that after hitting 2,000 follows, Twitter limits how many more you can follow? Details: Twitter Limit

Google Page Rank

Google page rank is important for social engine optimization (SEO).  It is one of the criteria that Google uses to determine how your site is listed on their search engine results (SER). Here are two ways to check your web site’s Google page rank: Visit PR Checker, enter your website URL and click “Check PR” Install the Google […]

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