Automate your Facebook Page Posts

Following up on my earlier tutorial on how to automate your tweets –  here is one on automating your Facebook posts. While we do know that social media is about interaction and engagement, auto feeds still have their place. They are not a replacement for posting personally on your Facebook page but they are is a […]

Edit your Facebook Comments

Love it! We are now able to edit comments in Facebook…Previously we could only do this if we caught our mistake 30 seconds after posting… See the pencil at the upper right hand corner of your comment. Click on the pencil to see your options. Click in edit to open up the text box and […]

2nd Look at the iPhone Facebook Pages App

  Last month we examined the Facebook Pages App for the iPhone as soon as it came out.   This week we check out the latest features in the app. There are now three additional options available in the app – messages, photos and settings.  Upon closer examination messages is the only change worth speaking of. […]

Automating your Twitter Feeds

The rule of thumb in social media is to keep the personal touch – your followers and fans want to know that there is a person behind the status updates.  Still there is a place for automated twitter feeds – I use them in some of the accounts I manage.  This is not a replacement […]

Editing your Facebook Status

Have you noticed the buttons on the upper right of your pages status text box?  Here is a quick view of what you can now do with your posts. Highlight Try clicking on the “highlight” / star button on the post. This will expand your post across both columns on your timeline.  That should call […]

Schedule your Posts on Facebook

  When I initially saw the little clock that appears and the left lower corner of  my page’s status box,  I thought it was another annoying timeline event tool.  Little did I realize that it was a gem a feature for scheduling your posts! Thank goodness I finally decided to click on that little sucker. […]

How to Create a Twitter List

Kim Garst’s tip below inspired me to create this tutorial. Use Twitter lists to create a group of people who tweet the best content and and then retweet their best content  How to Create a Twitter List Visit twitter and click on the tweets link.  On the left hand side of your profile page, click […]

LinkedIn Stolen Passwords

  LinkedIn confirmed yesterday that millions of stolen passwords were posted online.  While the affected customers were notified by LinkedIn it is best to change your password there as soon as possible. Recommendations for passwords: Use a separate password for each account you have – paying particular attention to email, banking sites and social networking […]

Facebook Promote Button to Market to my Fans?

  Page owners have started noticing that there is less and less engagement on their posted statuses.  At the same time they see the Promote button under their status box.  Could it be that Facebook is wants you to pay to promote to  your own fans? As I Facebook user, I find it incredibly frustrating […]

Facebook Lists for Pages

  By now most of us have created lists for friends but have you taken advantage of lists for pages? Here we go through the steps of creating lists for favorite pages.  As Facebook starts controlling which status updates you see on your newsfeed, this is a great way to ensure you do not miss […]

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