Adding links to blog posts and articles is relatively easy but in this step by step, here are some little tips to customizing and fine tuning them to make them more eye catching and informative.

Click on the status text box

Status Text Box

Paste or type the article link in the status text box – an article image, the title and description should appear below the text box.

Status Link

If there are multiple images in the article – you will be able to choose which one to display. Click on the arrows to scroll through them and choose one. You can click on the “No Thumbnail” check box if you wish – For visual appeal it is best to include an image.

Status Image

A little known feature is the ability to change the description – click on the article text get into “edit” mode. Change the text as desired.

Status Description

You can customize the title too! Click on the title to make it editable and change the text as desired.

Finally, add a message and select the “Post” button.

Status Message


Status Final