Have you noticed the buttons on the upper right of your pages status text box?  Here is a quick view of what you can now do with your posts.


Try clicking on the “highlight” / star button on the post.

This will expand your post across both columns on your timeline.  That should call attention!


Edit or Remove

Click on the edit or remove icon to show the menu options for your status.

Pin to Top – keeps your post at the top of  your timeline.

Change Date – Reschedule this post to a different date (see Schedule your Posts on Facebook )

Resposition Photo – Shift the photo within the window so you can display the most important part of the photo.

Hide from Page – I only use this one if I can’t delete it 😉

Delete  – remove the post from the page.

Report/Mark as Spam – You may want to this this with spam posts from fans.