By now most of us have created lists for friends but have you taken advantage of lists for pages? Here we go through the steps of creating lists for favorite pages.  As Facebook starts controlling which status updates you see on your newsfeed, this is a great way to ensure you do not miss any of the updates you wish to see.

Create a List

Create a list by starting off at a business page, clicking on the like button and then on the new list option.

Add to your List

In the next page you will be prompted to add other pages to your list. You can go through the menu on the left side to find categories to choose from.  I prefer to add the pages individually from the like button.

Name your List

On the next page you provide the list name. You can also select if your list is public, view-able by friends or private.  When you are finished click on  done to create the list.

Add Another Page to your List

The next time you like a page you will see your list in the menu. You can like a page and add it to a list at the same time!

View Your Lists

Your lists will appear on the lower left hand side of the Facebook page under the Interests heading.  Click on the list name to view the latest status updates from your favorite business pages.

Page Status Updates

Here is the view of my Social Media list. This is a great way to view status updates for my selected social media pages.  This feature is great!