Facebook pages app icon

Facebook pages app icon


Facebook just launched the Facebook Pages for the iPhone. This is a little app which is allows you to manage your pages.  It is a nice, easy to use app which has the already familiar interface of the iPhone app making it easier to manage your multiple business pages.

I mean it when I say “little”. Is it worth taking up the extra space on your iPhone? Let’s go through the features and decide.

Facebook Pages App - Pages

Business Pages


Insights and Admin

Unlike the Facebook app, this app allows you view your stats , which can be done by selecting the Insights option. The view is limited to what is displayed below.  You are not able to view more details.  It also allows you view (but not manage) your Admin, those who can also have access to manage your page. 

Insights on the Facebook Pages App

Reach and Talking about this

One nice little piece of information that the app provides is the stats of a particular post.  See the number reached and talking about this shown just under the Likes and Comments below the post.  These stats were available on the Facebook web application but were removed months ago. If only they would bring ig back online too!

View from the Facebook Page App


For more detailed stats on a specific post, click on the reached/talking about this line.

Click on the reached/talking about this line

Nice details for a single post:

Detailed Stats


The page level notifications is a nice perk of this app. It is handy to be able see who your new fans are and also to be able to see when a fan posts on your page.

Page Notifications


Filter is a new feature in the iPhone app. Click on this and select which wall posts you wish to view.  Cute little feature if you have a very busy business page but not too exciting.

Filter on the Facebook Pages App

Share Photo

As with the regular Facebook app you can share photo on your business page.

Adding a photo using the Facebook Pages App

You can add comments with your photo post as well.

New Post on Facebook Pages App

My Wish List

That is the 50 cent tour of the Facebook Pages for iPhone. Droid users and those out of the US (and UK) are up in arms because they do not have this app available to them. So maybe I should be glad I have this “little” app?

Here is my wish list on what features I’d like added…

  • messenger for pages – the ability to view and reply to business page messages
  • manage my administrators
  • view more detailed stats on my page
  • to Use Facebook As and post on other pages
  • to Tag my Page and post on other pages
  • customize the links and related images on new posts
  • ability to like other business pages

Facebook has a long way to go to making this a real robust app. But I guess it is a start….What do you think?

Update: 2nd Look at the iPhone Facebook Pages App (June 2012)