Page owners have started noticing that there is less and less engagement on their posted statuses.  At the same time they see the Promote button under their status box.  Could it be that Facebook is wants you to pay to promote to  your own fans?

As I Facebook user, I find it incredibly frustrating that only  selected updates from my favorite pages show on my news feed.  I expect and want to see all updates. On the other side of the coin, page owners also feel cheated – they worked hard building a strong fan bases of thousands only to have Facebook pull the rug from under them.

The promote button is a great option for expanding your audience.  Social Fresh covers the topic here – Facebook Launches Promoted Posts, Pay As Little As $5 For More Fans To See Page Content.   Still you want to make sure your fans still see all of your updates.

Now is the time to ensure that your fans all that you mean for them to see. Lists are a great way to do this…. Let your fans know how to create lists of your favorite pages.