When I initially saw the little clock that appears and the left lower corner of  my page’s status box,  I thought it was another annoying timeline event tool.  Little did I realize that it was a gem a feature for scheduling your posts! Thank goodness I finally decided to click on that little sucker.

Have you used this yet? It is terrific for scheduling posts minutes, days or hours in advance.  Here’s a quick how to…

Create your Post

Create your post as you usually would (see Customizing Links on Your Facebook page)  – but do not click on the post button. Instead, click on the little clock on the lower left hand corner of the status box.

Choose a Date

After you click on the clock, you are prompted to select a year.  After you select the year you will be prompted to choose, month, day, hour and then minute.

Schedule your Post

After you choose the date, the post button becomes a schedule button. Click on this to schedule your post. Your status will disappear from view.

View your Scheduled Posts

You can view your scheduled posts by clicking on Edit Page on the admin panel then choosing Use Activity Log from the menu.

Activity Log/Scheduled Posts

See all the posts scheduled to go out in the future.  Notice the arrow in the upper right hand corner of each post in the log.

Activity Log Options

Click on the arrow to check out your options for editing a scheduled post.  If you change your mind, fix your post here!

Plan your day, schedule your posts minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance!