Facebook pages app icon

Last month we examined the Facebook Pages App for the iPhone as soon as it came out.   This week we check out the latest features in the app.

There are now three additional options available in the app – messages, photos and settings.  Upon closer examination messages is the only change worth speaking of.



This is a handy new feature.  Previously there was no way to know that you had messages from the iPhone app.   Now you have the ability to see and respond to messages right at your fingertips. Being able to communicate to your existing and potentially new customers promptly is always a good thing!


We can view our photo albums from the new release of the app but we are not able to manipulate them.  One small step in the right direction.


Settings allows us to turn notifications or off.  This was available previously but in a different location.  So no additional functionality here – but it putting it on the menu makes sense…it is a bit of a tease to see a new menu item with only one option.

Well, I can scratch one item off my  iPhone Facebook App wish listMessages and insights are the most useful tools in this app.  I hope to see more features added in the near future!