By now you’ve mastered the art of tagging your friends on Facebook so they get notified on your posts.  Are you using this same feature for your business page?  Tagging makes it easier for others to link back to your page.  When Facebook users are visiting from the phone or tablet – tagged links are far easier to use because Facebook apps support them better than a URL.

Be sure to take advantage of this feature!   

How to Tag your Facebook Business Page

The @ Symbol

On the status or comment box type the @ symbol and the first few letters of your business page name. You should see a list of business pages you have “liked”.

Create your Link

Once you see your business listed below the status/comments text box (see image above), select your business name and finish typing your message.  Submit your comment to the box and then observe as your business name becomes a clickable link.

Hover Mode!

Here is a cute feature – when someone hovers over you link, a small info window pops up displaying info about your business page.  If  they want, they can “like” your page without visiting it.  This is great when you take part in silent tagging for your business.

Tagging Hover Mode


Stop typing out your business URL on Facebook.  Tag it!