Whether you need to build a website or improve upon an existing one, Buzz Web Connect can help you.

Website Development

Buzz Web Connect will build your website, collaborate on content and will make sure you maximize your exposure on the world-wide web.

We create non-retail web sites using WordPress hosted on BlueHost. WordPress free a user-friendly content management system that gives you the ability to maintain your website without having pay the hourly rates of a web master.

Website Enhancement

Buzz Web Connect can make updates and enhancements to your website.

If you are tired of paying high fees to your web master or if you want full control of your website, have Buzz Web Connect move your website to a WordPress site.

Search Engine Optimization

Buzz Web Connect will work with you to optimize your presence to increase your exposure on the web. We will show you tools are available to maximize your presence on the world-wide web.

Expert Consultation

Do you already have a web presence but are not getting the traffic you need? Have Buzz Web Connect evaluate your Website and pages and provide recommendations for improvement. Our evaluation service includes review of:

  • Website design, layout and content
  • Google rank
  • search engine popularity
  • Facebook pages and posts
  • Twitter pages